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A career as...
International Business Developer
Profit Generator

Taking poorly defined complex problems, often under uncertain conditions, and structuring and solving them have characterized my career for more than 20 years. I enjoy the challenge, thrive in the environment, and have been profitable doing it. My technical and commercial success stems from a pragmatic philosophy, a hands-on management style, broad interdisciplinary experience, and a comprehensive education in engineering, science, economics, and finance. Below are details of my career in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Key Accomplishments

Revitalized Technology Commercialization Process
As Director, Science and Technology Ventures, Columbia University, reinvigorated a flagging effort in the commercialization of research from engineering, computer and physical sciences. Reorganized the enterprise instituting an entrepreneurial, goal driven, business strategy. As part of developing a full service organization, increased faculty awareness and participation across multi-disciplinary academic environments. Revenue tripled during my tenure. FY05 revenue projection: $15-20 million.

Succeeded with International Startup.
Established an international software distribution network for Bechtel's Advanced Software Group. The network was primarily focused on the Pacific Rim (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia) but included India and the United Kingdom. First year's revenue, $1.2 million. Based on success of distribution network, founded new Tokyo office.

Tripled Revenue/Increased Profits: Tokyo.
As Manager of Japanese Operations for Bechtel's Advanced Software Group, and a 3-year resident of Japan, developed the office I had founded into a $3.1 million, profitable operation. Increased number of companies represented from one to five and products from one to nine. Managed a Japanese staff of 11.

Created Innovative Expert System.
Directed development of an Internet based expert system to forecast mineral and energy resources for U.S. Department of Energy. Upon completion it was the only functioning, totally integrated assessment scheme in existence. The Inter-American Development Bank constructed its petroleum estimation model based upon this methodology.

Implemented Turnaround: Domestic.
As a consultant, revised and re-directed the sales effort of a failing U.S. software concern. Increased revenue from $125,000 to $1.8 million in 9 months. Reduced costs by terminating unprofitable activities.

Identified Opportunities: Eastern Europe.
Developed an expanded business plan and implementation schedule for a business selling expert system products and services to Western Europe and the Middle East. Worked with American investors, the Hungarian government and its computer institutes.

Managed Complex Field Project: Australia.
Planned and conducted exploration programs for Amoco Minerals Division, Standard Oil of Indiana, throughout Australia and the South Pacific. Managed a multi-million dollar project, developing it from a preliminary stage to what was then Amoco's largest in the world. Responsible for large staffs, budgets, and extensive amounts of equipment. Maintained a high level of productivity and morale in harsh environments.

Led Special Operations Team: Vietnam.
Marine Corps Captain. Led a Special Operations Unit against main force North Vietnamese troops.

Chronological Experience

1998-Present: Science & Technology Ventures, Columbia University, New York, NY
Director: Led Columbia's technology commercialization program in the fields of engineering, computer and the physical sciences.

1997-1998: Technology Management and Funding, Princeton, NJ (now defunct)
Director: Structured and managed the growth of several of TMF's portfolio companies: technology development, business strategy and finance.

1989-1997: Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco, CA
Business Development Representative, Research and Development:
Responsible for business planning and development of high technology projects. Successful assignments include: robotics and virtual reality in complex operations, intelligent highway systems, hypersonic magnetically levitated vehicles, accelerator-based conversion of plutonium, simulation of electric power grids using genetic algorithms, and proton accelerators for cancer treatment. Revenue generated: $43-81million.

Manager, Japanese Operations, Advanced Software Group:
As a 3-year resident of Japan, expanded the Tokyo office I had founded, developing it into a multimillion dollar, profitable operation.

Manager, International Sales and Marketing, Advanced Software Group:
Established the Tokyo office, after developing a series of product distribution channels throughout the Pacific Rim.

1986-1988: Independent Consultant, San Francisco, CA
Practice focused on the commercialization of expert systems
Major engagements:
  • revised and re-directed the sales efforts of a failing software concern.
  • developed the framework for a European expert system software company.
  • produced materials to support the marketing and sales effort of a major expert systems software developer.
  • 1984-1985: Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco, CA
    Corporate Economist: Analyzed international economic, political, marketing, and competitors' activities; identified their impact upon Bechtel and its clients.

    1982-1983: Utah International, San Francisco, CA New-Business Analyst:
    At this highly diversified multinational company, reviewed, analyzed, and recommended action on significant new business opportunities, specifically those outside the firm's current operations.

    1977-1981: U.S. Department of Energy, Grand Junction, CO Consultant:
    Directed the development of an expert system to forecast mineral and energy resources.

    1974-1976: Ph.D. Program
    Completed course work. Degree awarded 1983.

    1971-1973: Standard Oil of Indiana, Sydney, Australia Exploration Geologist:
    Planned and conducted exploration programs throughout Australia and the South Pacific.


    Japanese language. Conversational ability.
    Ph.D., Economics, University of Arizona, 1983.
    M.S., Engineering, University of Arizona, 1971.
    Professional Engineer, Colorado School of Mines, 1965.

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