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Overview of SJC Reading list
taken from the '95 reading list

The great books lie at the heart of the St. John's Program. Professors are quite properly called tutors because it is the great books to which the student turns again and again. The tutors aid the student in this study by refocusing and refining their attention. They, the tutor, are not the source of knowledge but an aid to understanding it. And, in some sense, are just as much pupils of the great books.

What follows is a list of the books that are read in seminar, broken down by class. Most of the books on the seminar list are linked to complete texts at other sites. Be cautious about the gopher sites, the download times can be quite long.

There are also a couple of texts that are studied in tutorial that have links. Because of the nature of the tutorial format, the texts are chosen at the discretion of the tutor, although there are general texts that are usually used. For example, Homer's Iliad is usually translated in some portion during Freshman Language tutorial, but sometimes the Odyssey is translated to greater or lesser degree.

As noted above, this list reflects the 1995 reading list for St. John's College in Santa Fe. The reading list does vary slightly between the Annapolis and Santa Fe campuses and also from year to year. I don't think that it varies substantially, but there are clearly too many hard choices to make in choosing a list that can be read in four years. Most would say that these books should take a lifetime of study. But the list is just a starting point for the rest of your life.

And last but not least, the Graduate Program in Eastern Classics also has a reading list, with notes.